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Praying is part of our daily life. Instead of manually using notes or book to remember your pray activities (Sala/Prayer, Fasting, Quran Recitation, Sadaqa, etc) use GoPray to monitor & take note on each pray activities. It can be very useful for kids/teenagers.

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GoPray apps available for Android smartphone for time being. Download GoPray at Playstore for free and without ads. Dont forget to add your family & loved one to be your ``Now Praying Friends``

make your praylist

Every pray activities checked on GoPray apps will generate Praylist and Istiqomah Graph (graph of your pray activities consistency). You could export & send your praylist to others, if you want (especially for kids/scholar at islamic school)

Now Praying
Social Network

Add your kids, parents, brothers/sisters, loved one to be your ``Now Praying Friends``. Pray together or remind each other on good thing never been this easy and fun !

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Make your own
Islamic Quote/Meme

You can make your own islamic quote or meme based on Hadist or Quran Verse and share your collection to your ``Now Praying Friends`` to remind & keep motivate each other



We've got a lot of amazing feature and cool Islamic meme you can create on your own !

Made with Love

GoPray is made with love as the fundamental of design. Connecting parent & their kids, or loved one to remind & motivate each others

Islamic Quote & Meme

Make your own islamic quotes or meme and share it to others. It's fun for the kids, and of course, boost their creativity

Send Messages

Say ``Good Job`` to your kids, if you have reach certain stage of their praying target. we will provide you a fun way to convey your message to your ``Now Praying Friends``

Donate (Shodaqoh)

Donate your money can be easy. We can facilitate your donation for certain cause.

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